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More Wellingtonians out of work under National

Posted by Chris On February - 6 - 2011

Responsibility for the significant increase in the number of Wellingtonians out of work sits squarely on the shoulders of the National government, says Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins. Read the rest of this entry »

Hipkins opposes ECE funding cuts

Posted by Chris On February - 4 - 2011

Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins visited Heretaunga Kindergarten on Tuesday as part of a national day of action against government funding cuts to Early Childhood Education. Read the rest of this entry »

Future of old CIT site still unresolved

Posted by Chris On January - 13 - 2011

Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins has welcomed confirmation that the former Central Institute of Technology site will be used by the defence force for their Youth Development programmes for the next 5 years, however future use of the rest of the site remains uncertain. Read the rest of this entry »

Rimutaka MP draws attention to disabled services

Posted by Emma On December - 8 - 2010

Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins took time today to draw attention to the many services available for disabled people in the Rimutaka electorate.

Chris Hipkins visited Riding for the Disabled, a horse-riding facility in Silverstream. The visit closely followed International Day of Disabled Persons last Friday.

“A sign of a great community is one where the lives of its most vulnerable are enhanced. In the upper Hutt Valley, we are lucky to have a whole range of services for the disabled members of our community,” Chris Hipkins says.

“Riding for the Disabled is a wonderful facility and embodies the values of International Day of Disabled Persons.

“But there are many more, such as Earthlink and Adaptive Technology Solutions, which actively employ people with disabilities and make it easier for them to lead productive lives. There’s also H20 Xtream and the Upper Hutt Community Committee for the Blind, which run a range of programmes for the disabled.

“I consider it so important to draw attention to these services and disabled people from our community are utilising them to their fullest,” says Chris Hipkins.

International Day of Disabled Persons is a United Nations initiative established in 1992 following the Decade of Disabled Persons. Its aim is to raise awareness and enact measures to improve the situation of persons with disabilities and to provide them with equal opportunities.

Getting diabetes-tested a good idea

Posted by Emma On November - 22 - 2010

Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins took a diabetes test at Parliament on Tuesday as part of a promotional campaign to encourage others to get tested.

“Thousands of New Zealanders are diagnosed with diabetes each year. That’s why it’s important for people to get tested so they can rule it out or detect it early on,” Chris Hipkins said.

On Tuesday, Diabetes NZ set up a testing station as well as other events and services at Parliament as part of Diabetes Awareness Week.

“Two young kiwis living with diabetes talked about the issues they face. They showed that early detection and proper management of the illness enables those with diabetes to lead normal lives.

“Although these two young kiwis showed that people can still lead great lives with diabetes, it serves as a reminder that we should get checked from time to time.

Diabetes is a disease in which a person has high blood sugar. Life style factors such as poor diet as well as genetics are its main causes.

“People can get tested for diabetes by their local GPs. I encourage everyone to get tested next time they visit their doctor,” Chris Hipkins says.

Local MPs vow to fight any DHB merger

Posted by Emma On November - 16 - 2010

Hutt Valley MPs Chris Hipkins and Trevor Mallard are pledging to fight tooth and nail against any cutbacks in local health services following news that the government is dumping the current Chair of the Hutt Valley District Health Board in favour of a joint chairperson with the Capital and Coast DHB, a move many will see as a precursor to a full merger.

“The National Party has been down this road before. In the early 1990s they tried to close the Hutt Hospital all together, a move that was strongly and successfully resisted by the local community. They can expect a massive fight if they come back and try again,” Chris Hipkins and Trevor Mallard said.

“This is a purely political decision. The current chairperson, Peter Glensor, is highly respected in the health sector and was strongly endorsed by the local community at the recent elections. The only reason we can think of for the National government to dump him is that they have a wider agenda.

“On the whole, the Hutt Valley has been very well served by our health board. we’ll be furious if the National government try to cut back on the health services that are provided locally in the Hutt Valley by moving more of them into Wellington.

The Labour Party understands that up to eight District Health Board chairs around the country are being dumped by National as part of its moves to merge boards by stealth.

“Merging health boards is ultimately likely to lead to a cut in frontline health services. So much for National’s promise to focus on the frontline.

“We’re already feeling the effects of National’s health cuts here in the Hutt Valley. Home help hours for our elderly citizens have been greatly reduced, and some of our local community health services have had to increase their fees in order to compensate for government funding cuts.

“The National government simply isn’t putting enough money into health. The increase in funding from this year’s Budget that they keep crowing about doesn’t even compensate for population growth and ageing. We’re going backwards and that’s going to get worse if we see more local health services slashed.

“National promised New Zealanders before the last election that they wouldn’t be cutting back public services. It’s now crystal clear that was a promise they had no intention of keeping,” Chris Hipkins and Trevor Mallard said.

Education cuts hit Hutt Valley families hard

Posted by Chris On July - 24 - 2010

More than 1500 local children and their families will be directly affected by the budget cuts to early childhood education says Rimutaka Labour MP, Chris Hipkins. Read the rest of this entry »

Housing Minister punishes whole community

Posted by Chris On June - 23 - 2010

While 1100 families languish on state house waiting lists in the Wellington region alone, homes are being abandoned and left to rot by the Government, Labour Housing spokesperson Moana Mackey and Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins said today. Read the rest of this entry »

Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins took some time out this weekend to help volunteers with the Wellington City Mission Food Drive, collecting food in the foyer of Countdown, Upper Hutt.

“Saturday’s collection was a real success. I’m proud to represent a community with so much generosity and compassion. The food and goods collected will provide a crucial safety net for individuals and families in their hour of need,” Chris Hipkins said.

The Rimutaka MP is also keen to draw attention to the fact that this week is Volunteer Awareness Week. This year’s theme is ‘Volunteering Across The Generations’.

Driven by Volunteering New Zealand, Volunteer Awareness Week aims to acknowledge the excellent work done by our many volunteers with a key objective of encouraging more people to volunteer.

“Volunteer Awareness Week is a great time to acknowledge our volunteers and recognise the hard work they put in to making our community a better place.

“We’re really lucky that we have such a strong culture of volunteering here in the Hutt Valley. As I move around the electorate and meet various community groups I’m always impressed by the number of people I see getting involved in their local community at a grassroots level,” Chris Hipkins said.

Hipkins congratulated current volunteers in the community and encouraged others to seek out opportunities to get involved in volunteering.

“Volunteers really do make the world go around, and there are countless charitable Rimutaka residents who devote a lot of their free time to helping other people and promoting worthwhile causes. There are plenty of ways to get involved and I encourage all budding volunteers to give it a go.

Alongside the Wellington City Mission, the Upper Hutt Food Bank always welcomes food donations and several local supermarkets have a collection bin for this.

For more information about some of the volunteering opportunities available visit www.volunteernow.org.nz or call 0800 VOL CNTR.

National’s cuts to health in Hutt Valley appalling

Posted by Chris On June - 17 - 2010

Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins is appalled that the National Government’s funding cuts to health could force the Piki te Ora Ki te Awakairangi Primary Health Organisation to double its fees. Read the rest of this entry »